Work & Travel California 2016

Big Sur

Big sur is the most beautiful part of Highway 1, which is located about 60 miles from Santa Cruz. We decided to go there on one of our last days before the big trip. We left by night so we can make it before work at 11.

Jason, Daria, Nikola and me left at 4:30 by famous van. After 2 hours driving it was still dark so Jason and others took a nap during me writing an email from the previous post. Finally the day dawned with an intensive fog…

The farther we drove, the better visibility there was. It was cold and windy, but sunny and clearly. We were driving this amazing highway, often taking a break for taking a picture or just simply admiring stunning views.

Big Sur happens to be famous not just because of the long, beautiful shore, but also for woods with… many fires. During the summer you can hardly see any rain and drought is killing forests. We could easily smell and see the smoke above the trees. It was terrifying.

We even stopped by a local bakery for breakfast. After that we were chilling in various gardens.

The whole trip took about 6 hours. When we got to the point where there was many police cars and fire trucks, we turned around and managed to come back before our shifts started. On our way back we stopped many times again. Than at 11 we started our last day at work…