Why this blog?


You HAVE NO IDEA how much effort it took me to finally start. Start this blog and share some stories. Too much happened not to be sad…

Some of you know that me – Nadka and my friend Daria participated in a program “Work and travel” during  summer 2016 in Santa Cruz, CA. What were we doing there? We were working, laughing, meeting amazing people, traveling around and what is the most important for me- I finally had a chance to try surfing (not just once!). After 2 and a half months we started our month trip: west coast by car, then hitchhiked to east coast straight to Miami and drove to New York.

So much has happened that I just need to write it down, especially for us, Daria. When I was there I also bought myself a camera – Canon T5i. I’m pretty new in this, but at least I’ll try to show you guys what we saw.

Look, I’m not going to write here: how to go States, how to travel or how to pack my luggage lol. Not going to copy history of each town or national park from wikipedia neither. So if you need some advices HOW to travel through States, please move to another blog, because I am going to write about my own impressions, thoughts and unusual stories. Believe me we had MANY, so you can get bored. No one forces you to read this! But you might get a little inspired, which would be awesome!

Have a good one!