Work & Travel California 2016

Lake Tahoe

When I was younger my mom used to take me to her trips around the world. I guess I didn’t really have a choice and unconditionally loved travelling from the beginning. She had this small compact camera which I liked to borrow and just photograph everything. On school trips I used my phone. I always admired my friends photos on their funpages. Then in any cool place I used my smartphone. But one day I realized it wasn’t enough anymore. The day I’ve met a guy who showed me dSLR camera. He sat me on the chair and played some videos about basic photography. He said, that I need to understand first, how it works, to know how to control parameters. Than, he lend me his own camera and send me to take pictures. After that he taught me how to edit it. And that’s what I did for several weeks in a beautiful place called Hel (single L!  It’s a polish peninsula). After this quick course I knew what I was going to spend my dollars for.

I’ve been waiting for this day over a month. The first payment was to small, then I spend money for a new wetsuit and a surfboard. I just couldn’t wait to start making pictures. Finally I managed to buy a Canon on amazon. Photos I’ve made that time were a disaster… Honestly I forgot everything I had learned. So I’ve rewatched the videos about photogtaphy and first pictures that I actually liked were made in a beautiful place called Tahoe.

I’ve heard about this lake before because of famous ski resorts and snowparks around it. Unfortunately those are not very cheap and it was summer anyway. At least I wanted to see those stunning views and get wet in the Lake. We managed to go there on August by a rented car. It was a perfect crew- me, Daria, Jason and Dragan – a crazy guy from Macedonia :). We stopped by Jason’s house on our way, which is located in Nevada City. He literally lives in the woods. His family and (especially) dogs were very excited about his visit.  Next, we went to downtown, which is basically one short street.

“That’s the whole town” – said Jason when we drove the centre of this smal city in one minute.

The most of our drive was between long and wide woods. We took a little hike to have a breakfast in a nice place, where Jason as a not bad guide took us.

After a long trip we got to one of the most beautiful drives in the whole world which goes around the lake. The road took us to breathtaking Emerald Bay (poor Jason – Me and Daria were screaming even louder than near Golden Gate) and finally to our destination – camping in South Lake Tahoe.

The rest of the day we were chilling on the beach and admiring absolutely amazing sunset (sorry, no photos, I kept it in my mind, though). Later,  some of our friends visited us and we set up a bonfire. It was a perfect evening with good food, singing and playing on guitar and watching stars.

The next day we decided that we wanted to drive around whole lake. According to GPS you can do it in 2 hours so I knew we could stopped anywhere we wanted. So this is how we spend the second day, just driving and discovering more and more secret spots, swimming in surprisingly warm and gold water.  

One of our spontaneous move was just pulling out of the main road and taking a short hike to another Spooner Lake.

We also visited another state. There was a bar around Cristal Bay, literally on the border, so some of us have eaten burgers in California, some in Nevada.

On our way back we saw a nice sunset. There was a small dyke wall where I seriously sat on my name. In the end we visited Jason’s friend who gave us dinner which he… hunted by himself.

And this is how we spend 2 days in this beautiful area. I hope to come back there and shred in the winter!