US trip 2016

Las Vegas Parano

After a long trip along deserts we just couldn’t wait for a luxury in Las Vegas. Beatka recommended to stay in hotel called “Stratosphere” which is the highest building in the whole city. Although we booked 2 nights a few days before we only paid 27$ per 2 nights each for a double room.
-Oh, look this is where we are going to stay – said Beatka pointing on the big skinny tower which showed up on the horizon during sunset.

When we got to the city we couldn’t help but drive the main road called the Strip. It was surrounded by all those shiny buildings, and filled with tourists. It was already dark but still very hot. We got to Stratosphere and parked on 10th floor. The hotel was enormous, we had to walk through a big hall which was a casino and use 2 elevators to get to our room. It was situated on 12th floor and we could see a bit of lit city by night in the little window. It wasn’t much better than motel rooms in California though.

So, here we are – our very first night in Vegas… What should we do? Some of our friends rent a limo tours down all the casinos and some parties, but we couldn’t be ask for this and decided to figure out something else. It was a night when Daria was supposed to meet with her french friend – Regis, who came to popular festival in Nevada called Burning Man. Just before the meeting we went to the store. When we got to the car Regis texted Daria “I’m here”, so she started to look for him in the crowd. Right next to our hotel  there was a bus accident. Suddenly she saw familiar face in the distance. It was Regis who hit the bus. Girl run into the crowd asking if he was alright. He responded that everything was okay  and the car is 1 million $ insured, so she didn’t have to worry anymore and Regis became our new friend.

That night we didn’t make to any party just knocking around all the hotels, casinos and fake antiques. About 4 o’clock the city was already empty. It died for the rest of the day…

During the day we used our entrance for Stratosphere tower – for hotel guests it was for free (30$ for others). On the top there was amazing view and 3 different rides. It coasted 30$ for us (50$ for others) to use it. We decided to come back there later to see Vegas by night and go for rides.

The streets were empty, everybody was hiding inside of air – conditioned buildings. If I went to Vegas again I would consider it as a good place to stay between trips to some national parks (like Death Valley, Grand Canyon and more) which are around this city. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough power and time for this. Instead we focused on our most important aim – sending our staff to Poland. Each one of us prepared a big suitcase which was supposed to go to Poland by boat. It coasted over 100$ and lasted almost a month.

That night we didn’t go to any party neither – why? We couldn’t be ask for spending 20$ for entrance anywhere. The next days there were famous DJ parties for similar prices. Someone advised us to go to Vegas during weekday because apparently it’s cheaper and not so crowded. Bullshit! Go there during the weekend so you can go to a good party! The next day there was Chainsmokers concert – I’m not a big fun, but I could spend 30$ on it (50$ for men). So we were brainstorming all evening and decided to stay for another night in Vegas, pretending to be hotel guests and sleep in the car…

The next day we checked out and freely went to swimming pool on 8th floor. In the evening we went to the top of a tower again. We were waiting in very short lines and had much fun on every ride. I admit that without that height it wouldn’t be so scary!

We got to the club around midnight and the show didn’t start yet. On the entrance they rudely throw away all our glow gadgets. We actually doubt that they even let us in without high hills. We got in, but our friend (a man) didn’t.

The club was full so you could barely walk. Beer – 15$, no serving tap water at the bar, bottle of water – 10$. It took us 15 minutes to get to the dance floor where I had to ask bodyguard to let us in. When we finally got to the stage, Chainsmokers started a show…

It was a good set and we were dancing like crazy. In one moment I looked up at people – all dressed up in shiny clothes, elegant shirts and high heels. I noticed 2 men who had much fun like us. I went to them and realized they were a group who we knew from Santa Cruz! We danced all night and showed lame, shiny and shoddy Vegas how to party 🙂 !