US trip 2016

Los Angeles

I used to ask people around how did they like their visit in Los Angeles. They said that except Universal studios, Warner Brothers or Six Flags, there is nothing special. Unfortunately we couldn’t effort (or just didn’t want) any of those attractions so we decided to give it a try and find something interesting and cheap. We spend 2 days there.

I don’t want to bore you with more stories, so let me list places we visited and just shortly describe my own impressions.

1. Modern Art Museum in downtown – free entrance, not a long line. 1 hour in modern art museum – very odd but interesting

2. Los Angeles City Hall – recommended by random polish people in downtown. Free entrance, not a bad view from the top and a lawn full of… homeless people. Upstairs we could stand on a rostrum and leave a phone on it by accident – I mean Daria. She had to go back on the top and take 3 elevators again to get it back.

3. Little Tokyo – it’s a neighborhood which we saw by the night before. We hang up our wishes on wishing tree and had enormous Ramen (Japanese soup ) for lunch.

4. Venice – it’s our favorite district in LA. Wide beach, skatepark, signs full of stickers, colorful graffiti on the walls and local (or not so local) shops. We went there on our 1st and 2nd day admiring two amazing sunsets. There are a lot of people coming there during ‘golden hour’ observing skateboarders. When the sunset begins, one of the worker literally counts down the time to close the park. It’s kind of a pressure for riders to make all the tricks they wanted for that day – everybody is watching and the day will end in a minute. When sun hides behind the horizon, the bodyguard announces game over so the skate park is closed till next day. Everybody gets on with their lives.

5. Beverly Hills – the richest neighborhood in LA, known by everyone from the movies. We really wanted to order a taxi, so the driver could tell us which house belongs to who. But it was hard to park a car anywhere so we decided to go for a ride by ourselves. All houses are hided behind any kind of hedges. If you see any person around, it’s probably a gardener. If it’s actually someone famous, a car with tinted windows pulls up. I think we saw someone throwing out the rubbish but not sure who that was. We stopped by Rihanna’s house to play “Bitch, better have my money” on full volume, but she didn’t come out. All the houses are big and beautiful along with their expensive cars.

6. Hollywood – Hollywood Hills and Walk of Fame. We could find a Hollywood sign easily by a daylight. It happened to be a perfect background for Beatka’s backflip. In the evening we went to walk of fame (shame) with turbo-coke and a speaker. We matched almost all the stars!

7. Universal Studios – if you don’t want to spend over 100$ for ticket, no problem! Come up on a crazy idea to visit this place in your pajamas after 11p.m. It probably won’t be crowded at all, if you ask kindly they won’t charge you for parking and maybe you can even go to a party for 10 minutes!

Except all those places I’ve listed, we went to a polish restaurant “Warszawa” and Santa Monica Pier. We also visited our friends in a hotel which was near the airport. When we were driving to them we suddenly saw a big plane very close to us. We decided to find a perfect place to be right underneath it. It took us about 30 minutes to find a perfect spot and parked somewhere illegal. I didn’t know that a plane above you can create so much adrenaline, it was amazing feeling, because it was so close!

To sum up I think LA is a big metropole which contains some touristic cities, but they’re all different. If anyone asks me if they could spend there more than 2 days, I would say yes, because you should see those staff at least 1 time. There is always something to do and you don’t have to spend much money. If I had more time I would definitely go surf and rent a bike to go along the beaches.

After a crazy evening in Universal Studios we drove around Long Beach to spend another night in the car. We were planning to wake up on this beautiful beach and continue our drive to the next stop – San Diego