US trip 2016

Navajo lucky bracelets

Day 2

Luckly we woke up alive, ready for discovering another state. We decided that we wanted to go to Roswell, New Mexico and it was going to be our next destination. We were standing with sheet of paper for over an hour and no one stopped. Except 2 men with texas plate and bikes on their track. They said that they were going to have a dinner and can take us when they finished if we were still there. And that’s exactly what happened.

Raymond and Larry are men who cycle literally everywhere. They were just coming back from another trip and told us a lot about their impressive hobby. We went through Arizona and saw smoke everywhere around us because of the fires. Driver said that we would stop in a cool spot. It was huge Navajo Bridge with absolutely stunning view on Colorado River and canyon. It was so high that my eyes hurted when I was looking down.

You probably know that before Europeans came to America, there were people living there already, called native americans. There are a lot of indian tribes which exist till now.  The Navajo is one of the biggest tribe in United States and we had a luck to be in their reservation area. Right next to the bridge there was an indian girl selling some hand-made staff and men bought us bracelets which were supposed to bring us luck. We were wearing them all the time! I really wish to come back to discover navajo area more.

When we continued our drive, the landscape changed much from canyons to enormous fields and not very high mountains. Our drivers offered to take us to Texas, but we were very stubborn to get to Roswell and in the end they left us in Albuquerque – the capital of New Mexico. Thank you for those 500 miles!

Right after the sunset we managed to get another lift by car where we could easily smell marihuana and end up near a big store were we set our slipping bags and had a rough night waking up all the time when any suspicious car was parking near our spot.