US trip 2016,  Work & Travel California 2016

Pleasure point… I mean pizza!

Can you imagine that visiting USA has been my dream since I remember. Every year I promised myself that I would go there for sure. Although this big trip you should kind of plan, everything happened so quickly and spontaneously, as usual. Before I even noticed I already got a job in Santa Cruz. Why did I choose this place? I haven’t heard much about it, honestly, all I knew it was that I wanted to go to California. My friend – Wojtek, whose surname is exactly like Daria’s (coincidence?) – Hajduk, went to work’n travel program many times. He used to work in San Francisco, but he was in SC many times to visit friends and surf. When I google a little bit about this city, I knew that I wanna go there. Before I left, Wojtek had recommended me to watch a famous movie “Chasing Mavericks” which was filmed in Santa Cruz, mostly around one specific neighborhood called Pleasure Point

When I’ve met Jason, I admitted that I really wanted to visit this place, because I saw it in that movie. He took me there on my first month. Pleasure point is a very special place, it’s like another community. Everything is clean, everybody knows each other, most people surf. There are old school stickers literally everywhere: on the poles, walls, windows of local shops and bars. This neighborhood just smells with localism! There is another classy place called Pleasure Pizza. All the characters from the movie went there to eat and it happened that Jason used to work there with an original owner. Another Pleasure Pizza is in Downtown, where I used to go often and ask about their stickers. They always told me that they were already out.

I do admit, eating pizza in epic place was cool, but way cooler was to surf Pleasure Point. First time we went there, the tide was to high so at least I could act like a tourist without hesitation haha. But I got a chance to visit this place more often. There are several spots:  “The hook”, “38th”, “1st peak”, “Second peak” and “Pleasure Point”, where the last one is not so close from the shore. The first difference between a sandy “Cowells” (spot which is next to my house) and those spots was the rocky bottom. 38th was the easiest but it wasn’t so shallow there. Then any other next spot was a little bit harder. I could paddle between them in about 10 minutes. Waves weren’t so obvious for me anymore, going from other sides, more powerful and bigger. And most of people weren’t beginners, so I tried not to steal anyone’s wave. There are many rules in water you should stick to and if not local people tell you to get out from there. Boys actually told me that sometimes they can be really mean. It’s really useful to have someone who know on earth what’s going on and help one little cook :).

On our last day my crew met where everything has started – “Natural Bridges” (end of west cliff).  After another epic sunset we went to grab a pizza at “Pleasure Pizza” in downtown. Again, I’ve asked if they had stickers. And you know what? THEY HAD IT! Do you know that in States you have to pay for most of the stickers? I don’t even want to know how much money I spend for all of them. But this time I got lucky (again!) because Jason has met his old friend who he used to work with. So I left with the whole pack of pleasure point stickers and 2 T-shirts for free :)!

During our meal we came up on this amazing idea, that we could go to Big Sur by the night and come back in the morning, before work starts. It was the only place which was pretty close and we didn’t see it yet. And it was kind of last chance, because we were leaving very soon. So we made our plan true  on the same night…