US trip 2016

The Roswell incident

Day 3

Me and Daria woke up very early in the morning by the beautiful sunrise around Albuquerque. Our backpacks were super heavy to carry so we put them and other staff in a trolley which was standing next to me when I was charging an iPhone in front of the store (there was a wall with plugs). A man came to me and asked:
-Are you homeless, or what…? – he was so confused about me covered with a blanket with phone in my hand. I told him that I was just a hitchhiker.

From the beginning I was very worried that we end up standing on a street for hours in the hot sun. Since we started to hitchhike we didn’t really wait more than 1 hour. But that was a day when we really couldn’t move futher. People gave us only short lifts and most of the time we were just sitting and waiting for a hero. No one was going to Roswell and everybody was pretty surprised that we wanted to visit this empty shithole. When we asked any driver if they believed that aliens actually land there years ago, surprisingly they all said yes and claimed that it’s been proved, but the government was hiding everything anyway. On our way we bumped into another hitchhiker. He was the only one we saw for 4 months. He was old and toothless. He didn’t really put us in the best light and when we finally moved to another spot, the car dropped him next to us AGAIN! Haha, small world.

It has been already half a day we spend still around Albuquerque. We’ve been thinking about changing our paper card into “Texas” but we didn’t want to copy our toothless friend. It turned out that for whole this time Daria wasn’t wearing the lucky bracelet…

Finally we managed to get a lift from a man who wasn’t even driving into our direction, but decided to help us anyway and dropped us on something called highway which was leading to Roswell. When we stand on this empty, narrow, one-lane road, the very first card stopped and took us to the hostel. We booked a room for 10$ half an hour earlier. This day we only moved 180 miles. We went out for food, cosmic beers, listened to crickets in the empty city centre and went back to hotel to finally spend the night in a real bed.

The next day we woke up very motivated to find some aliens. Roswell contains one main road along which one bus goes every 30 minutes. We checked out and left our backpacks at the information. During half a day we managed to see almost all attractions in the city:

1. Roswell UFO Museum – wih many letters and paper pages from 40’s hanged on the walls, the long list of people who claimed they saw UFO, photos more or less edited and the most shoddy exhibition which every hour gives a show – moving ufo, lights, smoke and weird music.

2. Shops full of cosmic or Area 51 souvenirs – allegedly the Roswell mistery has been examined in famous Area 51 in Nevada. Each shop had either UFO exhibition, a room with aliens puppets or even a Spacewalk – phosphorescent corridor.

3. Mexican architecture mixed with aliens graffiti.

4. The only UFO shaped Mc Donald in the whole world.

If you go a little bit deeper into Roswell case it actually doesn’t sound as shoddily as the city. Because of the fact that I visited this place, I did much reading and I’m one of people who believes that in July 1947 (and not only then) someone not from Earth visited our planet. I highly recommend to read “Roswell incident” by Charles Berlitz & William More and  “The Roswell legacy”  by Jesse Marcel Jr. & Linda Marcell.

I’m not sure why did we choose this particular place to visit, but I do believe that somehow it magnetized us and maybe one day we will find out why. But me and Daria definitely had much fun in Roswell!

In the middle of the day we stopped the first track on this trip! Two drivers from Lubbock in Texas were very nice and one of them- Ian decided to give away his free accommodation in a hotel. So we had another very good night, this time in real luxury.