US trip 2016

San Diego

It’s been 4 days since we’ve started our trip so we decided that it was time to fix our car (USB port didn’t work). After a long monologue with worker at “Hertz”, with no questions asked they have changed our lame Volkswagen Getta for Dogde Charger…! This little modification really made our trip even better.

We managed to get to San Diego before the sunset and hanged around the place which Mike recommended for surfing. Ocean Beach is a hippy neighborhood  full of cool bars, surf board rentals and colorful graffitis on buildings. We decided to come back there very next day and have last surf session this summer…

In the evening we reunited with our polish work&travel friends and went to Coronado Island, where we saw a stunning San Diego panorama by night.

The next day we rented surf boards and tried to catch some waves. It wasn’t the same as everyday practice in Santa Cruz, but it was nice to surf in much warmer water.

We also went to another neighborhood – Pacific Beach and stop by Tijuana, Mexico. Beatka couldn’t come, because her visa was expired. We went there by foot, bought a bootle of Tequila and waited in a very long line to United States. You could easily see a big difference between those two countries, because of tanned people, dirt on the streets and poverty.

After this short visit on another continent, we drove off the ocean side, deeper into hot California.