US trip 2016

Everybody says Y’all in Texas

Day 4 & 5

Texas is the second biggest State in whole America. It’s huge and we managed to ride across it in 2 days. We didn’t really plan any stops and the only thing we wanted was to eat a nice dinner in a proper tex bar. We got a lift straight away by 2 man from New Mexico in a truck covered in mud. Their hobby was driving quads across the fields… drunk. That day they were going to neighboring state to get a new toy. So we end up in a village somewhere next to Wichita Falls buying a quad and riding it on the street. After that boys took us to a nice bar called Texas Roadhouse where we have been served by a girl with strong accent who was repeating typical tax phrase “Y’all”. Our drivers decided that they would take us to Dallas. When we told them that we were from Europe they didn’t really know where it was and couldn’t believe that it was on the other side of planet. I’m serious, I showed them on GPS and they still couldn’t believe. They weren’t very smart, but very helpful and funny. In the end we’ve ridden very shiny Dallas by night. We spend a safe night in a hotel in the suburbs (without them:).

The next day we stopped another car with 2 nice bussinesmen. They decided that if we weren’t going to stop anywhere in Texas, at least we would eat a real barbecue in their family town – Tyler. The place called Stanley’s famous was full of good vibes, chilled people and delicious food. They left us near the boarder and we managed to get to Louisiana in the evening. We end up on a gas station in Shreveport where we saw some very weird looking people, but one man gave us 5$, because he though we were homeless and one of the truck drivers gave us his code and let us to take a shower. We spend a tough night in a tent with much moisture, insects and stress. We just couldn’t wait to get to our next destination – New Orleans.