Work & Travel California 2016


It wasn’t easy to work almost every single day and still manage to go on a trip on my days off. Luckily, I found people who also wanted to visit as many things as I did. So there was another place on my list called Yosemite National Park which is located in California. We decided to join Jason and his friends who had gone there the day before. It was 4 hours drive and the more far we were, the hotter it was. I saw 100 degrees on the thermometer first time in my life.

When we drove into the park, we started to see characteristic, big, gray rocks around us. That day we decided not to take any trails and just chilled on our camping. People who work there constantly warned us about not leaving any food in the car or on the tables, because of bear attacks. There were special, heavy lockers, where everybody had to put in all the food and drinks. In the toilets I saw some posters of animal damages (like ripped car chairs). This evening I played a little with long exposure time and my new 50 mm f/1.8 lens.

The next morning we went for a hike. There was a special bus which was taking tourists to the closest points leading to different trails. We’ve chosen “Mist trail”. It wasn’t very far from our camping, so we just walked. The park was full of people: babies with moms, children, people in our age and even grandparents who were not in a bad shape! The hike wasn’t hard but pretty exhausting. The more far we were, the more fascinating things we saw: enormous rocks in the distance, the moon on horizon (although it was sunny day) and finally – beautiful, huge, loud waterfall. I was amazed. When I got closer I’ve noticed that water was creating a stunning rainbow in the churn hole. I caught up my friends and said:
– Guys, what are you doing? LET’S GO! We gotta jump in! – and that’s how the whole crew Dario&Daria, Justin (Timberlake), Jason (Derulo), Nickie (Minaj), Elvis (Presley) and me – Natalie (Portman) started to run into Vernal Waterfall.

It took us two minutes to get down. There was many people taking pictures and just a few who were jumping into the water. On my way I left all my clothes and totally forgot about the swimsuit in my backpack. I just wanted to be inside and that’s all what mattered. I haven’t felt this kind of feeling for a long time! The adrenaline was ON! And there I was on the top of the rock, ready to do a crazy jump into extremely cold water. I grabbed kind of scared Elvis’s hand and we got in on “1,2,3!” 

When I was under the water my world has stopped for a while… The loud waterfall died away and there was just me and this amazing silence. After that long short moment there was cold, scream and swimming into the edge.

We were chilling around for an hour, taking pictures, having lunch and talking about those kind of moments which are worth living (like that one). After this we have continued our hike and end up swimming* in a little lake with a nice view in a background. I can honestly add this day to the top 10.

*I’m aware of the fact it’s illegal to swim in any water around national parks, but please don’t judge me, because it was worth it.

I truly regret that we only spend there one night. This place has more nad more beautiful trails with absolutely breath taking views I wish I could see one day. So if I ever come back to California, I will visit this place again, for sure and so should you!


To sum up I’m putting a short movie about our 2 days trip, which I made with Nikole’s GoPro videos:

Yosemite National Park 2016